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Hi, all.

This is Eric your friendly neighborhood webmaster with a note regarding the comments to the WV Writers website.

When we began the WordPress version of the WV Writers website back in 2012, we made it possible for visitors to the site to leave comments on each of our site's pages and also blog posts.  Our intention in this was to allow people leave comments on a particular piece of news or add their two cents to any discussions that might be going on.  However, what the comments have primarily been used for is to ask questions to the organization regarding the annual writing contest or annual writing conferences or just any issue that might come up.  As webaster, when I've seen a question come through in the comments about something specific (contest, conference, membership, etc.) I've tried to act as the WVW switchboard and forward the question on to the appropriate officer or staff person in charge of it (contest coordinator, president, secretary, etc.).   The problem is, while the site's comment settings have been set to email the webmaster (me) each time a comment is left, those emails don't always seem to reach me (because Gmail).  And then we have situations, like today, when I visited the site to find 234 comments waiting for me with questions that required answers some weeks back, if not months, but which I've never seen forwarded to me in email, because Gmail decided they were Social media posts and filed them there where I'll never see them.  That, I think we can all agree, is no good.

The comments were never intended as a method of correspondence.  Correspondence should always be sent to someone on the WVW board of directors or to the staff member in charge of answering it (in the case of the contest), which is why we provide email addresses for the officers on the Officers and Staff page, and on the contest page itself.

As the current comment system is not working the way it was intended and is actually causing more problems than it's solving, I'm officially disabling it as of today.  I would much rather those of you with questions get them answered in a timely fashion than not, so removing the comments removes a faulty method of communication.

If you have correspondence with WV Writers or any of its officers, please visit the Officers and Staff page to find the appropriate email, or simply email  If you wish to discuss things regarding the organization, I invite you to visit our WVW Facebook group page and do so there.

Thank you.

--eric fritzius (webmaster)

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