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WV Writers Contest F.A.Q.#13

Continuing the series of Frequently Asked Questions about the West Virginia Writers, Inc., Annual Writing Competitions.  To see all of the questions, please click HERE

QUESTION:  Am I correct that only the Book-Length category considers works over 5,000 words? I wasn't sure if the other categories consider 5,000 word excerpts of longer works?

ANSWER:  Yes Book Length is the only category that accepts works of over 5,000 words, but the specifics is that it accepts a 7,500 word excerpt with a 1 page synopsis.  The work itself may be 90,000 words, but we can only receive a 7,500 word excerpt for the contest, plus the synopsis of the entire story.

As to whether the other categories will accept 5000 word excerpts of longer work, the spirit of the contest is that the works for all prose categories, unless otherwise specified, should fit within the 5000 word limit.

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