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The Morgantown Writers Group meets twice a month for critiques of manuscripts and writing workshops or market presentations. Meetings are 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Follow-up informal discussion follows at local coffee house or restaurant. For MWG critique guidelines, details, and current schedule, please contact George.Lies@mail.wvu.edu

About MWG Writers:

MWG began in January 1994. Our focus is on short story, poetry, genre, memoir, and scripts (at times). We often do writing challenges for market soliciations and competition deadlines. We allow 30 to 45 minutes for each critique. We feature writers' markets and resources. We do collaborative writing and writing aimed at specific markets. We host WV and regional writers for workshop, readings, and presentations.

Most MWG writers have won many awards in WVW's annual Spring competition. MWG has published one anthology, Mist on the Mon, and hosted writers' retreats in Alpine Lakes, Tygart Lake, and downtown Wheeling. MWG is a literary arts group that is part of the Morgantown Arts Collaborative.

MWG Schedule:

Currently, we meet on Monday evenings. Meetings are held about two weeks apart through June. Social dinners are held in July and August. The group has 18 members and two-thirds are members of WVW, Inc. About 6 to 8 members attend each meeting.


Morgantown is located in northcentral West Virginia, at the crossroads of I-79 and I-68. MWG meets at the Morgantown Public Library (304-291-7524) on Spruce St., with metered parking across the street. Call the library to confirm the MWG schedule.