WV Writers, Inc. - Established 1977
West Virginia Writers, Inc.
Serving literary interests throughout West Virginia

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(The following is the West Virginia Writers, Inc. Pledge, as penned by founding member Kirk Judd and publicly spoken for the first time during his keynote speech at the 2017 Awards Banquet during the organization's 40th year.)


I (state your name), promise to do my best, to do my duty,

To Shirley Young Campbell and West Virginia Writers, Inc. 

I promise to read Pearl Buck and Davis Grubb

And Mary Lee Settle and Breece D.J. Pancake

And Louise McNeill and Don West

And Irene McKinney and Norman Jordan.

I promise to listen to Mike Morningstar

And Hazel Dickens and Bill Withers

Every chance I get.

I promise to go to readings and signings

And book launches and workshops

And support all writers in WV

Young and old

New and traditional


To be square

And to obey the laws of the pack.

                                                           Kirk Judd, June, 2017