WV Writers Contest F.A.Q. #9

Continuing the series of Frequently Asked Questions about the West Virginia Writers, Inc., Annual Writing CompetitionsTo see all of the questions, please click HERE.

QUESTION:  Your contest rules state that entries should be stapled or paperclipped. With the stage play category, which accepts up to a 30-page sample. Are writers able to submit a script that's conventionally bound, using metal brads to fasten three-hole-punched pages at top and bottom? Please let me know if the readers have a preference.

ANSWER:  The binding you write of would be just fine.  The WVW contest rules used to be real picky about the binding on stage plays and screenplays, but larger manuscripts definitely need a bit more to them than a staple or a paperclip.  (In 2013, we received a full length screenplay sandwiched between two 8.5" x 11" planks of plywood and that clued us in to what might have caused binding problems in the past.  These days, brads or a slim clear document holder are happily accepted.


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