Uncle Terry’s Gift Ideas from WV Authors 2008

The West Virginia Writers, Inc. Members Book List!
Feel free to browse and if you need contact info, let me know.

  • SEEKING THE SWAN by WV Writers, Inc.
  • 'Everything I Know' and Tips and Techniques Workbook by Sandy Tritt
  • "Eyes in the Attic" by Nadine McKinney
  • Oscar and the Rainbow by Marilyn McIntosh Blair
  • "Silent No More" by Krista Fink
  • The West Virginia Encyclopedia, Ken Sullivan, editor
  • 'The Measure of Everything' and 'I Was So Much Older Then' by Ed Davis
  • 'Journey of the Snow Goose' and 'No Name Harbor' by Barbery Chaapel
  • 'Sarah Beth, Eat Your Broccoli!' by Nancy Merical
  • 'I Saw God Dancing' by Cheryl Denise
  • `The Well Ain't Dry Yet,' `The Bingo Cheaters,' and `Buckle Up, Buttercup' by Belinda Anderson
  • 'Looking Good' by Keith Maillard

  • 'Screamin' with the Cannibals' by Lee Maynard
  • 'When Miners March' and 'Lost Highway' (audiobooks) by Ross Ballard
  • 'PSI Blue' by Rob Walker
  • 'The Tree of the Nevee: A Kabbalistic Story of Elijah the Wizard' by Jerry Blair
  • 'Chick Flicks' by Barbara Smith
  • `Arrivederci, Recipes and Customs Every Italian Girl Takes From Home' by Rosalyn Queen Alonso
  • 'Feast of the Seven Fishes' by Robert Tinnell
  • 'The Rock and the Pebble' by Mark Defoe
  • 'Mountain Voices' by the members of the WVW roundtable
  • 'Black Days, Black Dust' by Armstead and S.L. Gardner
  • 'Return to Io' by Henry Palek
  • 'Surviving Mae West' by Priscilla Rodd
  • 'Southern Fried Woman' by Pamela King Cable
  • 'Landscape Architects' by Rob Merritt
  • `A Child Shall Lead Them' by Nancy Merical mailto:nmerical@citynet.net
  • Wild Sweet Notes I & II by ……everyone

  • 'Keep The South Manitou Light' and 'GOLDEN DELICIOUS: A CINDERELLA APPLE STORY' by Anna Egan Smucker
  • 'Blood Kin and Other Strangers' by Patsy Pittman
  • My.th by Boyd Carr
  • "Legends: Profiles of West Virginia University Basketball" by Norman Julian
  • `Clarksburg' by Robert Stealey

  • `Risk, Return, and the Indigo Autumn' by Tim McGhee mailto:tmcghee728@aol.com
  • "Jewels in Our Crown, the State Parks of West Virginia," by Maureen Crockett. Publisher is Quarrier Press, http://www.amazon.com/Jewels-Our-Crown-State-Virginia/dp/1891852353
  • Lake Effect by Laura Treacy Bentley (poetry) http://www.lauratreacybentley.com
  • The Green Rolling Hills: Writings from West Virginia, edited by V.J. Banis (anthology, various authors, included)
  • Echoes of a Woman's Soul by Dianna Doles Petry
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