Literary Tea series continues tonight

Tonight, at 5:30p at lit-teathe Greenbrier Valley Theatre in Lewisburg, W.Va., the West Virginia Writers co-sponsored Literary Tea series continues. Tonight we feature a revenge-themed reading of "Barn Burning" by William Faulkner, as read by Aaron Christensen (King Claudius in The Tragedy of Hamlet).

Additionally, we will feature a full-cast radio-style adaptation of the short story "Old Country" from Eric Fritzius's collection A Consternation of Monsters--also a revenge-themed story. The adaptation stars Shane David Miller (Rozencrantz), Sarah Elkins, Aaron Christensen and Fritzius himselff.

So please join us at 5:30p for tea, goodies and literary readings at the Greenbrier Valley Theatre in downtown Lewisburg.

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