As an organization, West Virginia Writers offers a variety of places online where the craft of writing can be discussed or news from the organization can be dispersed.

Below are the places our members can find that information.

West Virginia Writers is on Facebook where we update our membership with the latest news and provide a place for discussions of writing.  (Please see the Online Rules & Regulations section below for guidelines on what can and cannot be posted there.)

West Virginia Writers offers the latest news and updates to organizational activities via the e-newsletter.  Members can sign up for it by sending an email to our e-news administrator Brittany Cassity at wvwnewsletter@gmail.com.

An email-based discussion group for West Virginia writers to meet, discuss all aspects of writing, ask questions, share information, network, give encouragement, post poetry and short pieces, develop interpersonal relationships and share the joy of the written word.  To subscribe, just send an e-mail to: wvwroundtable-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Another great place to find the latest news of WV Writers.  Find it here at our BLOG PAGE.

Follow us on Twitter @wvwriters



While West Virginia Writer’s Inc is a page dedicated to promoting and encouraging writers and writing about West Virginia, the organization is also an IRS approved non-profit (501(c)3). As a non-profit, there are rules and guidelines we must adhere to or else risk losing our non-profit status. In order to abide by the rules and guidelines established for non-profits, and also to fulfill our mission statement, the following guidelines for the West Virginia Writers, Inc. Facebook page, and other media sites, have been established and approved by the board.

They are as follows:

1.   As a non-profit, WVW, Inc. cannot be seen to take/endorse a stance regarding politics, political issues, and religion. Posts regarding any of the topics shall be removed, and could also result in the poster being removed from the group. Examples are: endorsement of candidates, announcements of running for any type of public office, opinions about political issues, proselytizing. If you have any questions about the suitability about a post, please contact a moderator.

2. To fulfill our mission, West Virginia Writers, Inc. has also established itself as a resource for teachers and homeschooling parents. In order to continue encouraging and supporting the love of writing to students of all ages, West Virginia Writers, Inc will not permit sexual explicit posts and images on the page. This includes book cover images.

3. This is a writers’ site dedicated to the craft of writing and books. Political, religious, special interest, anti-government or hate-mongering rhetoric, or any form of these items, including memes can result in removal from the page.

4. This is not a critique site. If you have a piece of work you would like critiqued or appreciated, please look into one of the local critique groups in your area. We don’t mind invitations to critique groups or to your personal writers’ pages, we just don’t want this page to get cluttered with multiple group activities.

5. We will NOT tolerate aggressive behavior or offensive postings – be it language, pictures, blurbs, or any shape or form. PERIOD. This is a group and a group’s site that encourages writing and this includes all ages, creed, race, religion, gender, and class.

6. We encourage discussion on writing – in all forms, but if you want to chat on a personal basis that would be better handled through personal messages through emails or Facebook private messages.

7. Try to keep announcements of personal writing/book events to one per week. We want to ensure all writers have the opportunity to have their event supported and not get overlooked. If you have fifty books and eight events, post an invitation to your personal writers page where the postings can be detailed there. If you just have two events scheduled for the weekend, it would fit nicely on our page. If we feel your event is bogus or detrimental to our members, it/you will be removed.

A final note: These rules aren’t meant to discourage users. It’s just a guideline to help keep the page workable, fair and non-offensive to all members, and a site that falls within the guidelines and rules established by the IRS for non-profits.

Even though this West Virginia Writers, Inc. Facebook page is free and open to the public, we encourage all of you to join the organization, take part in our annual competition, and join us in June for our Annual Summer Conference.

The Board

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