• Support and encourage serious writing activities within the writing community
  • Establish a networking system for writers
  • Promote writing as an artform
  • Give voice to our people and way of life
  • Expose the public, particularly our children, to the importance of writing
  • Encourage appreciation of the literary arts
  • Expand the horizons and deepen the appreciation of life, culture and communication among writers and all citizens of West Virginia.

4 thoughts on “MISSION & GOALS

  1. Valerie Adkins

    As an expatriate West Virginian,born and raised in The Mountain State, seeking to return from exile in NC, would I be eligible for membership? I have been an ambassador for our fair state for 30 years to my friends and colleagues in NC, as I’m extremely proud of my heritage. I joyously announce when “I’m going to the hollar”(Mingo County) with each trip home. With God’s gift of a multi syllabic vocabulary, friends have always enjoyed my Delbarton stories for every situation, just as Rose on “The Golden Girls” had a St. Olaf story as perspective. If I can participate, please let me know and I’ll proceed to complete the form and forward the application fee. Even if I’m not eligible, I applaud this forum for aspiring WV writers. No such opportunity existed when I had to leave WV in order to earn a living.

    1. AdminAdmin Post author


      Absolutely you are eligible for membership. We used to have a rule that members had to be residents, but with so many expatriate West Virginians out there, it seemed a shame to exclude anyone. Technically, you don’t even have to be an expatriate.

  2. John Schwartz

    I am a Dutchman living in Virginia after a long international career in Washington D.C. and fell in love with West Virginia. I am writing a (third) novel about a high-flying West Virginian girl, Francine, who rises to the top of a Mining Company established in New York. The novel is nearing completion and I wonder if I could be a member of your esteemed group.

    1. AdminAdmin Post author

      Certainly, John. Check out our HOW TO JOIN page for details. And please come to our conference, June 9-11, at Cedar Lakes in Ripley. We will soon be releasing a preview flyer about it on the conference page. And consider submitting your novel to the Book Length Prose category of our writing contest. We only accept unpublished works, so it sounds like what you have would be a good fit.


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