WV Writers, Inc. - Established 1977
West Virginia Writers, Inc.
Serving literary interests throughout West Virginia

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If you would like to join or renew a membership in West Virginia Writers, Inc., dues are $25 for adults, $10 for college students, and $5 for students under 18.

Gold membership costs $50 and Silver membership costs $35. These optional annual levels of membership allow you to give additional support to our organization, and we will recognize these members at our annual banquet and other places throughout the year. Current members may upgrade to the Gold or Silver levels by sending us an additional payment of $25 or $10, respectively.

Membership benefits include: a subscription to our organizational newsletter; steep discounts on registration for the West Virginia Writers Summer Conference; our E-mail newsletter with information on publishing, markets, and contests, fellowship with other writers; information on how to contact other writers and speakers and how to organize local writing and reading projects; a link from our website to yours; promotion for your published work through WV Writers blog and newsletter.

If you have questions about your membership status, please send them to our secretary, Cole Smith, at wvwriterssecretary@gmail.com.

You can fill out and mail in a membership application, as found in our Organizational Brochure, or via the form below.


Or join using our handy PAL PAL form by clicking the graphic below.

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