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  1. H. Randall Grumpelt

    I hope I am in the right place for a question. I could not find another spot.

    I have written a book titled: Beyond Illusions and Conformity Pressures: In Search of an Authentic Self. The book is self published in Outskirts Press as of January 2018. I have sold three copies. I am inexperienced and do not expect to be successful in gaining readership, unless I find some way of obtaining public notice.

    Is my book eligible for the 2018 year writer’s contest?

    1. AdminAdmin Post author

      We made a clarifying statement in the rules last year regarding self-published works; which is that if a book is self-published and either has over 1000 copies sold, printed, or is made available for sale via Amazon or Kindle or Nook or another print-on-demand service, it DOES COUNT as a published work. A thousand copies may not have actually been sold, but with an international market such as the internet and WV Writers having no ability to account for how many units have truly been sold, we have to err on the side of the potential sale.

      The short version: is that self-published/print-on-demand is considered publication.

  2. Margaret Uphold

    How do we find out if we have won in our category?

    Do you place an article in each of the local newspaper of the winners?
    Unfortunately, I cannot attend this year, but I want to be kept abreast of what is happening.

    1. AdminAdmin Post author


      The winners of the contest are first announced at the WV Writers Summer Conference during the awards banquet. The conference this year takes place at Cedar Lakes Conference Center, June 8-10, with the banquet being the evening of June 9. We post the winners to our website and email them out to entrants shortly after the banquet concludes. We do send out press releases regarding the winners, but have no control over which newspapers choose to run the story.

      –webmaster eric


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