Contest Judge Rollout: Andria Amodt Ho (New Mountain Voices High School)

(WV Writers is rolling out the names and bios of our contest judges for 2018.  For the full collection of judge bios click THIS LINK or read the 2018 JUDGES LIST.)

Andria Amodt Ho is a teacher librarian in San Antonio, Texas.  She loves reading (YA lit. is the best!), crocheting, and desperately needs to get back to writing.  This is only her second year as a librarian, and librarianship has brought many new interests her way, including coding, robotics, and lots of papercrafts.  When she isn't busy in the library, you will probably find her on the computer working out details for new library programs, searching Pinterest for fresh ideas, or at a meeting planning one of several school district literary events.  At home, it isn't unusual to find her curled up in a comfy chair with one of several crazy doggies spread out near her feet, binge watching a tv series she completely missed while finishing her master's degree.

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