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WV Writers Podcast: Keith Pitzer Tribute with Pops Walker

Episode 24 of the WV Writers Podcast is now available. It is a special double-size episode in tribute to musician Keith Pitzer, who was a friend of WV Writers and of this podcast. Keith died after a battle with cancer on December 22 , 2009. Joining us for the episode is Pops Walker, who was a good friend of Keith's. We talk about Keith the man, the musician and the tireless servant of the ecological health of the Cheat River. We'll also hear some of the outtakes from my interview with him last June, including some of the amazing music he made alongside his wife Joan.

Find Episode 24 posted on our podcast website.

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Contestcast 2010

Parts 1 and 2 of the 2010 WV Writers Contestcast are now online! In them I am joined by special guests Terry "El Presidente" McNemar and Steve "El Coordinador de la Competencia" Goff to talk about the WVW Annual Writing Contest and detail some of the changes you need to know about and the unchanged things you still need to pay attention to. It's a veritable digital contest primer.

In Part 1 we primarily discuss the adult contest, while in Part 2 the main topic is the New Mountain Voices Student Contest. We also get a sneak peek at not only some of the key judges for the contest but some more of the major presenters for the 2010 Summer Conference. El President McNemar also spills the time period we can expect ALL the details on the conference to be revealed. (Hint: it'll be sooner, rather than later.)

Find the Contestcast on our podcast website or subscribe through iTunes.

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WVW Podcast: Lee Maynard Recorded Live Reading

Our 6th WVW Podcast Bonus Show is now online. It features a recorded live reading from Lee Maynard's appearance at the WV Book Festival, in October. Mr. Maynard reads the first chapter of his new novel-in-memoir-form The Pale Light of Sunset: Scattershots and Hallucinations in an Imagined Life, published by West Virginia University Press.

Be sure to also check out Episodes 21 and 22 for parts 1 and 2 of our podcast of the conversation between Lee and Cat Pleska.

Get the Lee Maynard Recorded Live Reading HERE.

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Podcast Episode 21: A conversation with Lee Maynard

Episode 21 of the WVW Podcast is now available, featuring a conversation between WV Writers 1st Vice President Cat Pleska and Lee Maynard, author of the book Crum, its followup Screaming with the Cannibals and the new novel-in-memoir-form The Pale Light of Sunset: Scattershots and Hallucinations in an Imagined Life, published by West Virginia University Press.

As those of you who've attended Lee's workshops at previous WV Writers Summer Conferences well know, he's an extremely talented writer who specializes in gut-level writing. This week's part of the conversation explores some of that as well as his writing discipline, his philosophy on truth in memoir vs. storytelling and his feelings about West Virginia.

Hear it for yourself at our PODCAST PAGE.

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WVW Podcast Bonus Show 4

Our 4th WVW Podcast Bonus Show is now online and features trimmings from our Episode 12 interview with Pops Walker.

We also pass along the results of the Shenandoah Valley Acoustic Roots Fest and Songwriting Contest, which we talked to Pops about in Episode 12.

Click HERE to go THERE.

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WVW Podcast Episode 17 Now Online

Episode 17 of the WVW Podcast has now been posted. It's our second recorded live reading, this time originating from a session of the Greenbrier Valley Theatre's October Literary Tea series, from 2007. The featured material is the short story "Faux Fangs" from Beverly Pauley's collection Gothic Bedtime Stories. This story is the first appearance of Bev's reoccurring character, elderly West Virginia vampire Rutherford Zucks.

The episode also has information about the 2009 Literary Teas as well as a preview of what WV Writers will be doing at the 2009 WV Book Festival in Charleston and some hints about presenters for our upcoming 2010 Summer Conference.

Check it out at our PODCAST PAGE.

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WVW Podcast Bonus Show 2

The second bonus show for the WV Writers Podcast has now been posted. It features conversational outtakes with Dolly Withrow and Barbara Smith recorded for last week's special podcast. Plus we have a further interruption from my dog.

Find it HERE or on iTunes.

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WVW Podcast Shirley Young Campbell Tribute Special


This week we present a special double-sized podcast episode in tribute to the lady without whom there would not be a WV Writers, Shirley Young Campbell. Mrs. Campbell passed away August 17, 2009. For this special episode, we interview Dr. Barbara Smith, Dolly Withrow and Kirk Judd, each counted among the charter members of WV Writers and longtime friends of Mrs. Campbell. We discuss Mrs. Campbell's many accomplishments in promoting the writing and writers of WV, her role as a catalyst in the creation of West Virginia Writers, Inc., her co-founding of Mountain State Press, her own writing and many publications, what she was like as a person, and her role as the "Literary Mother" of so many of the finest writers of our state and beyond.

For those of you unfamiliar with the history of our organization, this is a podcast not to be missed.

Many thanks to Phyllis Wilson Moore for her tremendous help in the research for this podcast.

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WV Writers Podcast Episode 15 Now Online

Episode 15 of the WV Writers Podcast is now online. In it, we talk to storyteller Susanna "Granny Sue" Holstein. She’s been a featured storytelling performer at events from Bellingham, Washington to Boston, Massachusetts and points in between. She's especially well known, however, for being a West Virginia storyteller, focusing much of her repertoire on WV history, ghost stories, Appalachian tales and ballads.

We talk about how she began storytelling, the fluidity of the artform, the skills required to do it correctly and, of course, we'll hear one of her more famous stories.

Download it HERE or subscribe with iTunes.

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This week on the WV Writers Podcast

This Friday, the WV Writers Podcast will broadcast its first recorded live reading.

Our subject will be a live reading given by author Joey Madia from his novel Jester Knight.

You can see the trailer for this book by clicking the book cover on the right.

Tune in Friday morning, August 14, for Episode 14 of the WV Writers Podcast.

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