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Barbary Chaapel’s Anthology Appearance

WV Writers member Barbary Chaapel will have two poems included in the upcoming anthology From the Other World, Poems in Memory of James Wright ( These poems originally appeared in her own collection No Name Harbor, Poetry of Barbary Chaapel.

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Patsy Pittman’s Blood Kin & Other Strangers now available!


Blood Kin and Other StrangersIt is with great pleasure that I share the release of Patsy Pittman's short story collection, Blood Kin and Other Strangers. Patsy is one of the state's most prolific and published authors, not to mention one of the very best. Long after my eyes were exhausted, I kept reading these stories--they were simply too good to put down. I know of no better gift than a gift of the heart--and this book is full of heart.

In this collection, Patsy In this collection, Patsy Evans Pittman focuses with deft precision on that most intimate of mysteries—the family. The characters and settings reflect the author’s Appalachian heritage and occasionally her grandmother’s mountain dialect.

Maggie, torn between her twelve-year-old-daughter and her Alzheimer’s afflicted mother, faces the problems of the “sandwich generation.” Rachel wonders if her marriage will survive her unplanned pregnancy. And nine-year-old Carla breaks two of the “Thou Shalt Nots” and suffers the consequences of a guilty conscience.

Then there are those caught in the web of their own deceit. Godfrey Burke learns it was not a good idea to leave Cousin Joyce at the altar. And Horace Moneypenney, bless his heart, discovers that “poor, simple Sally” has Outfoxed him.

Blood Kin & Other Strangers by Patsy Evans Pittman, ISBN: 0-929915-78-X,
6 x 9, Hard Cover, Illustrated, 168 pages, Retail Price $22.95

Patsy Pittman will take your breath away with her imaginative, excellently written stories of love, loss, revenge, and family.

Order your autographed copy now at a special pre-publication Price! (Click the link for the order form)

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Members Matter: Savannah Schroll Guz

(From WV Writers Member Savannah Schroll Guz)

The story "David Dreams of Australopithecines" (and an accompanying interview) appears in the latest edition of SmokeLong Quarterly.

Read David Dreams of Australopithecines here:

"His fingertips touched one of the brass pulls, and after some hesitation created by the drawer’s weight and his uncertain force, it slid open. Inside were shin bones, a mandible, a tiny misshapen skull, whose bone density seemed too insubstantial to provide any true protection for the brain...Several small molars rolled over the felt cloth lining the drawer."

Read the SmokeLong interview, explaining the story, here:

"The story revolves around three characters: David, whom we met here; his wife Rachel, who goes missing; and a character named Charlotte, a nine year-old Polish girl killed by Dr. Mengele at Auschwitz. The book is partly about eugenics and cloning, partly about quantum mechanics and the paranormal, and partly about human weakness."

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Savannah Schroll Guz
Read novel excerpts at:

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WVW’s own Chris Kuell breaks big at Amazon



Last November, I entered my novel, Disconnected, into the Breakthrough Novel Award contest. On January 15, the top 20% (as judged by Publishers Weekly reviewers) moved on to the semi-finals, and Disconnected was among them.

From here, the public is invited to visit amazon at the link below, download for free the first 5,000 words, and review what you've read. In March, the books with the most positive reviews will move on in the competition, with first place being $25,000 and a contract for publication with Penguin Books. The top 10 places will also be considered for Penguin contracts.

So, I invite you to take a look at the beginning of my book, and if you feel inclined, please write a review.

Kind regards,

Chris Kuell

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