West Virginia Writers, Inc.Established in 1977, West Virginia Writers, Inc. is the  largest nonprofit, all-volunteer, writers' resource and service organization serving literary interests in West Virginia.

We are founded on the fundamental principle that the written word is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of all human endeavors.  Our aim is to expand and develop creative writing and professional opportunities for writers and to connect the state's writers with others in the literary community and the public at large.

WV Writers sponsors both an annual writers conference and an annual writing competition.

4/1/2015  The submission period for our annual writing contest has officially ended.  We will be announcing the winners of the contest at the awards banquet of at our 2015 Annual Summer Conference, held at Cedar Lakes Conference Center in Ripley.  

You can find out information about the conference, print registration forms, and read a preliminary list of workshop presenters and their orkshops via our 2015 Summer Conference page.

Fed From the Blade

The anthology collaboration between WV Writers and Woodland Press, Fed From the Blade is now available for purchase.

Edited by former WVW President Cat Pleska, and Woodland Press editor Michael Knost, Fed From the Blade features stories and poems by Sherrell Wigal, G. Cameron Fuller,
Kathleen Furbee, Karin Fuller, Llewellyn McKernan, Wilma Stanley Acree, Frank Larnerd, Joshua S. Robinson, Edwina Pendarvis, Diane Tarantini, Mary Lucille DeBerry, Barbara Smith, Belinda Anderson, Ginger Hamilton Caudill, Frances Lucretia Van Scoy, Jason Roth, Christine Roth, Marion R. Kee, Mathilde Hall, Beverly Bisbee, Patricia Hopper Patteson, Susan Sheppard, Lynne Schwartz-Barker, Laura Treacy Bentley, Rob Merritt, Susanna Holstein, John N. Mugaas, and Ethan Fischer.

Purchase it at Woodland Press's website.

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  1. Forris Hudkins

    Have written three books, two set in West Virginia and one related to West Virginia. Books just published a couple of months ago. Interested in techniques to market. Title of books is: The Launching, The Cruise and Fiddler’s Green.

    First chapter of each book can be viewed on blog section of web site: nbaplayground.com


  2. Dare Rogers

    I recently finished writing a mystery novel. After several rewrites, I feel I need to find an editor. Are there independent editors in West Virginia who could help me to prepare my book for the process of publishing? Do I need to send an editor a query letter to start the dialogue with them?

    Thank you.

    1. admin Post author


      There are quite a number of freelance editors in the world, many of whom will have their own submission process. One I have worked with in the past (and, technically work for as webmaster and occasional editor) is Inspiration for Writers, Inc. You can find them at http://www.inspirationforwriters.com. Sandy Tritt is the chief editor and founder of the company and would be willing to have a look. She even offers a free test edit of an excerpt if you’d like to try out the service. Once again, in interests of disclosure, I do work for her so I may be biased. There are many other such services. Hers is the one I can personally speak to, though.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Dare Rogers

        That is a great help. Thank you.

        Should I send a query letter to an editor? I’m not sure how to break the ice. I don’t want someone to think I am unprofessional before and make the wrong impression.

        Dare Rogers

  3. Jorn Otte

    I am a WV writers member, a native West Virginian, living in Beckley, WV, and attending Goddard College’s low-residency creative writing program. I am the editor of the online literary journal Duende, and we have an open call for submissions that I want WV writers to submit to as soon as possible! Our Appalachian voices need to be heard!!! DUENDE literary journal seeks your literary and visual art for its Fall 2015 issue. If your poetry is rough-cut diamonds, slightly off-kilter; if your fiction will make us feel more human and less alone; if you enjoy exploration of new forms at the edges of the literary universe; if you can bring us elegant translations of literature from far corners of the globe; if your nonfiction is wild and honest; if your visual art is raw and earnest, we want to see it. Read previous issues and full guidelines at http://www.duendeliterary.org. Open for submissions until May 15, 2015. We hope to hear from you!


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