West Virginia Writers, Inc.Established in 1977, West Virginia Writers, Inc. is the  largest all-volunteer, writers' resource and service organization serving literary interests in West Virginia.

We are founded on the fundamental principle that the written word is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of all human endeavors.  Our aim is to expand and develop creative writing and professional opportunities for writers and to connect the state's writers with others in the literary community and the public at large.

WV Writers sponsors both an annual writers conference and an annual writing competition.



  • FROM WV Writers President Rober Yoho: 

Due to fears relating to COVID-19, I regret to inform you that the board of West Virginia Writers has voted to cancel the 2020 West Virginia Writers Summer Conference in June at Cedar Lakes.

This was a tough decision by all those involved, but the board believes it is in the best interest of our organization and the confidence and well-being of our members.

We do ask, however, that you make your voices heard by promptly sending in your votes regarding your current board nominees for next year.

We all hope and pray that this situation will be behind us soon.

Thank you!

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